• Top DronzTM Affiliated Entities

    Affiliated entities help support the Top DronzTM vision of being the local FPV destination where everyone, kids, youth, and adults, can fly!

    Dronz MediaTM

    Your Place, Your Audience, Your Social Media Engagement from a New Perspective!

    Three 'fly-through' options to choose from

    • We fly, you edit, and you complete - $75
    • We fly, we edit, we add your brand and message, we add some music, and then deliver you a finished video ready to be posted to your selected social media platform - $125
    • We fly, we edit, add your brand and message, add some music, and even add your voice over, and then deliver you a finished video ready to be posted to your selected social media platform - $175
    • Prices above include one selected social media platform choice. Additional social media choices can be provided for only $40 each


    Visit the Dronz Media website by clicking here

    Dronz EduTM

    Your School, Your Kids, Your Program, Our Drone Inclusion Opportunity!

    Two (2) programs that gets things started affordably and then be able to engage those students that desire more

    • Beginner drone course that not only introduces students from 7th grade to 12th grade to the world of drones, but also includes the assembly, programming, firmware flashing, and flying of a small started non-FPV (First-Person-View) drone. Price also includes a Basic Training and 2 flights at the Top DronzTM Altamonte Springs store of FPV 'whoop' drones - $75 per student
    • Advanced drone course builds on the Beginner drone course and includes a complete FPV 'whoop' kit* that needs to be built, programmed, firmware flashed, and then flown. Price also includes a 3 flights at the Top DronzTM Altamonte Springs - $295 per student

    *FPV 'whoop' Kit Includes: Whoop FPV Drone, Mini-FPV Goggles, DXE Controller


    The Dronz Edu website is coming soon, but if you are interested in working with our team to add a drone assembly/building, programming, firmware flashing, flying, and racing course to your STEM/Robotics program, click here and e-mail us now!

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