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    Fly responsibly as well as be able to earn revenues with drones

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    NEXT COURSE DATE: Sunday, October 14, 2018, from 10AM-6PM

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    OTHER COMMENTS: Class is instructor led, and it includes water and a light lunch.

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    At Top Dronz, we have an FAA Part 107 course available. It is instructed by certified professionals who are well experienced and talented in drone flying, commonly referred to as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). They also have knowledge in the technical subjects involving drones, including their electronics.

    The FAA Part 107 certificate is needed when you are flying as part of a business enterprise. When operating a drone in a business, this course is recommended to assure in obtaining the legally required certificate.


    If you fly for fun or recreation, you do not need an FAA Part 107 certificate. However, this course may be useful to hobby and recreational drone operators wishing to expand their basic understanding of UAS operations.


    In Orlando, where there are many airports and landing pads, the FAA Part 107 certificate/license makes it very easy to fly for both business and hobby.

    Covers the majority of low-risk and commercial UAS flight operations

    To fly in public spaces there are rules and regulations to ensure that it is a safe and legal activity. Factors such as Airspace Requirements, Operation Limitations, and Personnel Requirements are each important when you are out flying a drone.

    Top Dronz Part FAA Part 107 FAQs


    What is Part FAA 107 license?

    To operate the controls of a small UAS under
    FAA Part 107, you need a remote pilot airman
    certificate with a small UAS rating, or be
    under the direct supervision of a person who
    holds such a certificate.


    How many questions are on the FAA Part 107 exam? T

    The FAA Part 107 initial knowledge exam has 60
    questions. Two hours for completion.


    Do I have to register my drone?

    If your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs, you
    are required to register it with the FAA before
    you fly! The process is easy, you must be 13 or
    over and there is a fee of $5..


    The Benefits

    A person with this certificate has legal
    permission to utilize a drone for business
    use and fly in public space as long as all
    safety precautions and rules are followed.

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