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    Whether you are interested in getting started with your drone flying adventure, or are already an drone pilot, or have aspirations of becoming a drone racer, Top Dronz is your destination for anything FPV drones

    Learn @ Home

    Save money, practice more, fly better faster

    Basic Training - Simulator Software on Your PC and Controller Rental for 3 Days $40.00

    • 3 Day Rental of our Taranis X7 controller and a software license to the Simulator which is installed on your PC and yours to keep


    Continued Training @ Home $20.00

    • 3 Day Rental of our Taranis X7 controller
      NOTE: Requires Simulator Software License installed on your PC


    PROMOTION: When you purchase a Controller after any of the above Learn @ Home rentals, $15 will be applied to the purchase of your first Controller, which starts at $69 (Spektrum DXE model)

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