• Private Classes

    In addition to being able to confirm a time to fly or race as an individual, you can reserve a private session or be part of a private class session that is tailored for 4, 8 or 12 persons


    Review Sessions & Classes Available

    We offer sessions for individuals (up to 1 hour) and classes.


    Classes are 1 hour for 4 persons, 1.5 hours for 8 persons, and 2 hours for 12 persons.


    The larger the class, the bigger the savings.


    Select Your Session or Class and Book

    Individual sessions can be booked for anytime that the store is open to the public.


    Classes can be booked on Sundays after 12PM or Monday-Friday between 9AM and 1PM (Last class ends at 2PM).


    Click here to book a session or a class now.


    Enjoy Your Session or Class

    All sessions and classes will start promptly at the time that you selected, regardless if some members are not present, so we encourage everyone to arrive early.

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